Techbox Collective
Techbox Collective

Welcome to Techbox Collective

A community enhancing the experience for the commercial interior e-tool box.

What is Techbox Collective?

E-tools are one of the most influential components that can impact the promotion and profitable sale of commercial interior products and services.

Techbox is a collective of members that create, build, and support e-tools for the commercial interiors industry. Join the Techbox Collective and have access to the lobby, the first step to building the community.

Within the lobby, members will have the opportunity to join channels. The channels are organized to support specific e-tools or groups of people.

How does the community participate?

The community is an easy way to connect with others like you, via web and mobile app applications. Ask a question and receive feedback from the community. Gather insight from polls inquiring about trending topics. Give to Get - share your insight to see what others may be doing to solve similar issues. Webinars to share live demonstrations and conversations. Meet industry expert partners. Encourage face-to-face meetings at industry events. 

Why should you join the Techbox Collective?

The Techbox Collective is a free platform you can join. By joining you will grow the community and share your knowledge to help others. If you create, manage or provide services for any e-tool for commercial interiors, you are the right member to participate in Techbox.

Once you join Techbox, you will have an opportunity to join membership channels. The channels are organized to address a specific group of members. Together the members collaborate and will have access to assets that can address individual challenges.

 If "google" can't answer the question, join now. A community awaits to help you!

A Community is the best way to

  • learn
  • build new practices
  • navigate a rapidly changing world
  • persist through challenges